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Steele Heart Safety and Defense LLC has a goal of serving its community and surrounding areas by empowering its citizens with knowledge!  Educating my community is my passion.  In my roles as Registered Nurse, an instructor in firearms, Emergency First-Aid, Stop the Bleed, and Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event, I am able to provide my community with tools needed to make the environment safer in multiple ways.  Fire Arms laws, situational awareness, and becoming that all important first responder are some of the important topics that are addressed in my classes.  Seconds Matter when life changing events take place, the decisions we make in those times matter also.  Let's be the change!!!! Let's Do Something!!!


Classes Offered

Basic Handgun

Concealed Carry

Home Defense

*Developing a Personal Home Protection Plan

*Self Defense Firearms Basics

*Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

*The Legal Use of Force

*Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

*Gear and Gadgets

*Basic an Advanced Skills

Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals

Treating Gunshot Injuries

Treating Medical Emergencies

*Patient Assessment

Traumatic Emergencies

*Medical Emergencies

*Build your own First-Aid Kit

Stop the Bleed

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events


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